Residual value loan calculator.

You can access the embedded page via the following link: Click here loan and budget calculator to make your decision easier. This form of financing is characterized by a low rate with a firmly agreed final payment. It is then useful and helpful if you can calculate and compare the offers yourself. Your Raiffeisen advisor will inform you about the current leasing conditions and interest rates. Our leasing calculator offers you a first orientation.

Within 4 hours from the vehicle inquiry to the desired vehicle

Within 4 hours from the vehicle inquiry to the desired vehicle

No matter which car you lost interest in – a brand new or used one – with the help of small loans or loan financing you can give your darling a clear yes. Favorable leasing offer for rental and residual value loans of currently 2.99% pa which comes from our cooperation partner Creambank.

You can pay for your dream car in installments. At the end of the lease term, you can pay the residual book value and become the owner. With the residual value loan, you invest not only the new car, but also the used vehicle. In the case of a vehicle financed by a residual value credit, you are the owner of this vehicle from the very beginning.

Before you conclude a leasing contract or submit a binding offer, you will receive the pre-contractual information for consumer contracts under the Consumer Credit Act, which contains the pre-contractual standard information.  In total, an amount of USD 29,043.88 is to be paid, including tax office fee of USD 160.08, contract setup costs of USD 175.00 (one-off) and processing fee of USD 388.50 (included in the installment payment).

Borrowing costs amount to 2.99% and are calculated on the basis of the 3-month Good Finance. the annual effective interest rate is thus 4.03%.

Rental and initial payment

Rental and initial payment

As a rule, the car is taken over by the vehicle owner at the replacement value known at the end of the contract term and the rental contract is terminated. The car then becomes the property of the owner. If you want to rent, you have to expect somewhat increased expenses if you compare this to a conventional loan. The due date does not coincide with the due date, so that a remaining purchase price remains.

The latter usually mean another rental agreement. The tenant either pays the remaining amount and receives the car, or he returns it and extends his rental contract with another car. In most cases, the residual value is also calculated using loans, the so-called residual value financing.

As a rule, this also applies to people who do not have perfect creditworthiness. Of course, it is also logical to save the remaining value during the period of use. No residual value loan is then necessary and no new liabilities plus interest have to be taken out. It is also advisable to accept an increased prepayment, as this also significantly reduces the remaining value.

It should be noted that the remaining purchase price does not correspond to the current value.

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